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Your experience at Modern Muse Beauty Collective will begin with an in-depth consultation where we discuss all your needs and determine what your expectations are for your final look.

We will ask you a lot of questions – and we are prepared for you to ask us questions too! Our service providers will take detailed notes on your needs and desires, and together we will talk about whether your desired look can be achieved in one appointment or if it will take several visits.

We’ll help you set a “style budget” for your look, and go over what you will need to do to maintain the look we achieve. We will act as a team to make a great plan for achieving and maintaining the look you desire.

Next, you’ll sit back and enjoy a light snack or beverage from our seasonally rotating menu while you enjoy being pampered during your service.

If you’re in the salon for a stretch of time, we offer you free wi-fi, plugs, and charging cables to get some work done on your laptop, or just relax and scroll Instagram.

You’ll also have the ability to discover other services within the Modern Muse Beauty family. Our staff works as a team and strives to learn all about you, so that we may recommend other services you may enjoy, such as specialty hair services through our master specialty stylists, luxury skin treatments in our spa department, or specialty aesthetic services like eyelash extensions and microblading. We can even help you schedule these services alongside your other salon appointments to make the most of your time in our space.

At given points during your visit, you will be escorted to our Treatment Center, where you’ll enjoy a luxury wash service with relaxing head massage and aromatherapy hot towel treatment. You will also have the opportunity to select from a menu of specialty add-on treatments, depending on the needs of your hair.

Every visit includes a custom consultation on home-care products to help you protect the investment you made during your salon visit. Your service provider will recommend the proper home-care products for your look, and they will demonstrate how, when, and how much to use each product. You will go home confident in your ability to re-create your salon-quality look on your own every day!

Come see us at 8820 Burnet Rd. #503, Austin, Tx 78757 (Located in the Crossroads Shopping Center next door to Fast Signs and near Trudy’s Tex Mex)



Owner/Senior Stylist

My philosophy of beauty is simple: I believe that makeup and hair styles should enhance a person’s natural beauty and define their best features. Hair and makeup might seem like a mystery to you, but I unlock the magic for you, empowering you to achieve and maintain your best look ALL the time, not just when you leave the salon! So if you’re ready for a new kind of salon experience – one that gives you a great style that will last beyond that single salon appointment – then I’d love to meet you!


Stylist & Colorist

After graduating from the Aveda Institute Minneapolis, Maddie, her two cats, and her best friend from cosmetology school packed themselves up and made the big move to Austin. She has been fortunate to begin her cosmetology career as an Associate at Modern Muse Beauty Collective, working under the owner Katie Astoria.  Whether Maddie is doing a cut, color, balayage, special occasion hair, or wedding hair and makeup, her excitement shows in all the connections she makes with her clients.  


Stylist/Makeup Artist

My passion for beauty began when I was just six years old, with rollers in my hair and my mom’s red lipstick on, I felt unstoppable. I want everyone in my chair to get that exact same feeling! I’m here to give you your best hair day everyday! Blondes are my specialty and my first love, but I genuinely love all aspects of beauty and the creative freedom it allows me to express. I am here to talk with you, be real with you, and help you get your dream hair while also keeping your hair healthy and strong. So get comfortable, sip on that Rosé, and let’s get your hair journey started!


Salon Manager/Recruitment Director


Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist

I’ve always dreamt about being in the beauty industry, and now that I am, it’s a dream come true! I was born and raised here in Austin, Texas, and began doing makeup at the age of 16 and realized I could have an entire career out of doing what I love. I then started my journey at Paul Mitchell and that’s where I also found my passion for hair. Although makeup will always have my heart, I also love doing balayage, brunettes, and I am also part of the wedding team! Whether it’s a date night, a special occasion, birthday hair, or if you just feel like it’s time for a change, I got you! Getting your hair done should be your time to relax, drink some wine and have some time to yourself so why not do it !? I can’t wait to make your hair and makeup dreams come true! Come see me and let’s become the most beautiful humans we can be! * hablo español*

McLayne (Mac) Collins

Hair Stylist

For as long as I can remember the people closest to me have been quick to tell me hair and make up was my calling. With little to no second thoughts on the matter I went to a traditional college right out of high school and felt bored, uninspired, and like my life was lacking something. Unable to put my finger on that something that was missing I continued to pursue a college degree. I switched majors more times than I can count, attended two different junior colleges, and really struggled with the overwhelming idea of doing something ordinary the rest of my life. They say life is about choices and experiences and I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and there being a greater plan for my life. Hair and makeup is my creative outlet. It’s something that I need in my life to feel my most authentic self. It brings me so much happiness. People and personal relationships also get my soul singing. So, when I finally came around to what everyone had already been telling me and applied to cosmetology school everything fell into place. Fast forward to today; now I spend my days loving what I do – fulfilled, content, and happy being behind the chair. I particularly love my blonde babes and a good balayage moment but will happily commit to any service. No discrimination, honey! My promise to you is to always give you my best while also giving you the best experience, to keep it real, because too many people aren’t, and to have you leaving my chair feeling like your most sexy, confident, badass self. Now, let’s get you on my books, babe!

Katie Ladner


I am a skin junkie and esti mentor. I love to educate colleagues as well as my clients on how to get a gorgeous glow from head to toe. Being in the skin biz for over 20 years I have weeded through the fads and know what really works to improve the health of your skin. It is my job to help my clients navigate their way through this overwhelming skincare industry and advise them on how to change their problematic skin or to age gracefully in an environmentally stressed out world.


Hair Stylist

Ever since I was a child, my favorite activity has been playing beauty shop with my family and friends, so it only felt right when I had the opportunity to jump right into the beauty scene right after I graduated high school. I am a born and raised Austinite and so excited to be doing what I love, and sharing my love for what I do with people in my city! I enjoy combining my artistry, technical, and listening skills to create a relaxing, welcoming and warm environment for all people. My specialties include low maintenance blondes, dimensional balayage, creative cuts, and enhancing natural color while applying my love for the latest trends, making sure your hair is trend setter worthy. So come in, relax, and let me take care of you and leave your worries at the door!


Hair Stylist

Elysse was raised in Huntsville, Tx where her love for people, hair and customer service grew. In 2015, she left her hometown of Huntsville to pursue her dream in Austin and attended Paul Mitchell The School. Shortly after graduating, Elysse began her career at a  prestigious salon in the summer of 2016, where she has continued her education through classes taught by industry leaders and educators. Flash forward five years, Elysse made to move to Modern Muse at the beginning of 2022 where she is a level 3 stylist. These days Elysse stays growing as a stylist by keeping up with latest and constantly changing trends, while perfecting what she already knows. With a combination of haircutting skills and customizable hair coloring understanding, along with intensive product knowledge, she is eager to fulfill her guest’s wishes from short bobs and pixies to long, lived in blondes. 


Front Desk Coordinator

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