Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a trial run, and what should I expect on my trial run?

A trial run is a good idea, both for you AND us, because it gives you a chance to see what your hair and makeup will look like on the wedding day, and it helps us make sure we understand completely what your desires are! It also allows us to figure out what texture your hair is and estimate timing for styling on the
wedding day. If you have pictures of looks that inspire you (or that don’t!) please bring them to your trial! We ask a lot of questions at your trial, and expect you to have a lot of questions as well. Our goal is to make sure we have a really solid idea of what will make you the best version of yourself on your big day!

Can I do the test run on the same day as the portrait?

We don’t recommend doing a trial on the same day as a portrait. The reason for this is that the trial run is for us to play around with a few things. We may try more than one type of look at your trial, and if it were the day of the portrait the final look would not be as fresh as if we had done the test run prior. We want you to look perfect on the day of a portrait, and a trial run helps us make sure that happens! Trials also generally take a little more time, and we don’t want you to feel as though you didn’t get exactly what you were wanting because you needed to rush to make it to your portrait appointment.

Why are hair prices listed as a range as opposed to a set price?

Unlike makeup, hair styling is much more complicated because hair lengths, types, and textures can vary so greatly. There are infinite variables when it comes to styling hair! That means that we don’t know how long it will take to achieve the desired hairstyle until we actually see and work with your hair (another
reason a trial is so important!) Once we’ve seen your hair and chatted with you about your desired style, we can determine how much prep work, styling, and product use will go into achieving that look.

Do you do false eyelashes? Lash extensions? Hair extensions?

  • We work with many kinds of hair extensions and have no problem styling your hair with your extensions, whether they are clip in or bonded/sewn. We can attach clip-in extensions as a part of your wedding styling. We also offer bonded/sewn extensions as an in-salon service, and these are priced on consultation.
  •  Your makeup application includes false lash application (strip lashes) if you choose. We ask that you select and purchase your own strip lashes and bring them with you to your appointment. We also LOVE when brides get lash extensions and we highly recommend them! At this time, the Modern Muse team does not offer lash extensions. However, we have a few favorite lash extension specialists that we can refer you to, and they often offer discounts to clients we refer!

What if I change my mind on the style/look I want before the wedding?

No problem! We love it when a bride decides to take the plunge and go for something a little different than what we may have done at the trial.  We can certainly use what we did at your trial as a jumping-off point to change the look to whatever you prefer. If you want to do another test run we can certainly do that, however it will incur additional fees.

Do you offer discounts for larger parties?

There may be times where we offer special discounts for different reasons. These are quoted on a case by case basis. Feel free to inquire about any current specials or discounts!

Do you go on site to my wedding location or do I come to your salon for my wedding day services? Can you come to the salon where I will be having other services done on the wedding day?

This is completely up to you! We can host your entire party at the salon where we’re based (Lighten Up Salon and Spa). We are also totally mobile and have done countless weddings onsite at the wedding location, bride’s home, hotel, or other location. Please see the rate page and FAQ section to learn more
about on site weddings and possible travel fees. We also partner with several local salons and are happy to go to those or to the salon you have selected for your other beauty services. Please inquire with your salon their policies about bringing outside artists into their facility.

How do I book my wedding or event date with you?

A courtesy hold will be placed on your wedding date when we receive your returned Questionnaire or once we’ve had a chance to chat over the phone. We proceed from there to form a working contract including all services leading up to and including the wedding date. Once we have received your deposit AND signed contract we will reserve your date. All deposits will be applied to the final balance.