Meet the Team

Katie Astoria, Owner/Principle ArtistKatie Astoria

My fascination with hair and makeup began as soon as I was tall enough to reach my mom’s dressing table as a child. By the time I was a teen, I had already experimented with every imaginable beauty treatment and adornment. Even at the ripe age of 12, I had to have the latest hairstyle and the perfect lip gloss. In college, I woke up early to do “blowouts” on my hair, long before blow dry bars were even a thing. I took immaculate care of my skin. I never went a day without makeup. In short, I was a glamour girl from the start. It should have come as no surprise to me when, years and careers later, I found myself increasingly drawn to the beauty industry. After years of makeup artistry training and completing my cosmetology training at The Aveda Institute, I became a full time hairstylist and makeup artist at a busy salon in Central Austin, where I am blessed to spend my days helping others feel amazing.

These days, you can find me behind the chair in the salon, traveling as an Educator for Hotheads Hair Extensions in the Central Texas Region, and on location for countless weddings, fashion shoots, and photography sessions.

My philosophy of beauty is simple: I believe that makeup and hair styling should enhance a person’s natural beauty and define their best features. My clients are all beautiful in their own unique ways, and each one is a blessing to me. I have always appreciated the way the perfect shade of lipstick or the freshness of your post-trim hairstyle can do so much to improve your appearance and boost your mood and self-image, so I want you to leave my chair looking AND feeling your best!


Chara Sroufe, Apprentice/Hairstylist

Chara graduated from the Cosmetololgy program at Avenue 5 Institute in Austin, Texas in 2016. But this isn’t her first foray into the beauty industry. She began her career as an esthetician out of the Paul Mitchell School, and shifted focus when she learned that she could love hair as much as skin. Her unique perspective from both sides of the industry gives her a special understanding of what makes a great client service. As she continues her advanced training at Modern Muse Beauty, her interests guide her towards a specialty in balayage, vivid colors, and extensions. She has a fantastic attention to detail, great intution, and a killer sense of humor.

When she’s not working hard as Katie’s second set of hands and second brain, she’s spending time with her family, especially her pride and joy nephew.